Pasemah or Basemah Megalith Site, Prehistoric Heritage in South Sumatera


These megalithic sites in the Basemah highlands cover a very wide area reaching 80 km². These megalithic sites are spread on highlands, mountain peaks, slopes and valleys. - The site of Pasemah or Basemah Megalith is located in the Pasemah Plateau area, Bukit Barisan Mountains, Pagaralam, Lahat Regency, South Sumatera Province (Sumsel).

A number of Dutch archaeologists have tried to solve the mysteries of the Pasemah Megalithic Site, such as EP Tombrink (1827), Ulmann (1850), LC Westernenk (1921), Th van der Hoop (1932) and others.

The megalithic sites are scattered in the highlands, mountain peaks, slopes and valleys, covering a very wide area reaching 80 km². The Tinggihari site, Tanjungsirih, Gunungkaya is a site located on a hill, while the sites of Belumai, Tanjung Ara and Tegurwangi are sites located in the valley.

In Basemah Megalithic Site, there are two striking stones, namely the stone in the form of a human with a fat body bent and his head facing forward and looking up slightly. Other stones are elephant shaped, large stone statues, stone tools, pottery, stone cubicles and menhirs.

Basemah megalithic statues also represent a culturally mystical society with a farmer pattern and patriotic spirit. The inheritance of Basemah megalithic culture displays advanced sculptures, and giving signs that Basemah megalithic has developed in the flow of cultural globalization (exchange). (SJ.IN/*)
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