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Easy Way to Restore WhatsApp Message Accidentally Deleted

INDEPHEDIA.com - Sometimes we accidentally delete messages on WhatsApp. WhatsApp messages are sometimes deleted because we change phones, or they are accidentally deleted.

Because the message is erased some of us are uncomfortable with it. There is an important message on WhatsApp, while we can't open it anymore.

If that happens, you might be confused to return the WhatsApp message. In fact, the WhatsApp message is very, very important. You do not panic first. There is an easy way to restore important WhatsApp messages that have been deleted.

This feature returns deleted WhatsApp messages within the application itself. Because all your WhatsApp messages are actually automatically stored in your Google Drive account.

The trick, just click the dot icon in the top right corner in the WhatsApp application. Then, select the settings menu in the menu in the dot icon. After that, enter the chats menu.

In the chats menu, there are several menus that will appear. Choose the chat backup menu in the chats menu. After you enter the chat backup menu, there is a column called backup.

Select the backup menu, but make sure you have entered your Google Drive account in the account column. You can also backup videos that are missing in the message by checking the include videos menu.

After that, the backup process of your WhatsApp message is already running, including photos and videos missing in the message. However, photos and videos that you have not previously downloaded, you cannot backup the photo and video messages. Good luck! (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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