Havasu Falls, Beautiful Hidden Waterfall in Grand Canyon, Arizona


INDEPHEDIA.com - Havasu Falls (Havasupai: Havasuw Hagjahgeevma) a beautiful waterfall from the Havasu River, located in the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States, which is within the Havasupai tribal region.

If you take a walk to the Grand Canyon National Park you will definitely meet Havasu Falls. This waterfall can be reached by foot to the small village of Supai. After arriving in the village of Supai, so as not to be too tired you can also continue by riding a horse to the waterfall. Even so, your fatigue will be relieved upon arrival at the beautiful waterfall.

Havasu Falls, which has a bluish water, is flanked by barren red canyons and green trees that fall directly into the ground that forms a pond. Havasu Falls that flow in the Badlands of the Grand Canyon are also considered holy water by local tribal residents.

Besides Havasu Falls, around this waterfall you can find four other waterfalls, namely Navajo Falls, Supai Falls, Mooney Falls and Beaver Falls. However, among other waterfalls along Havasu Creek, Havasu Falls is the more famous and most visited by tourists.

The bluish-blue water of the Havasu River that forms the Havasu Falls falls from above as high as about 27-30 meters from a vertical cliff into a series of plunge pools. High calcium carbonate concentrations in the water create a bright blue-green color and form a natural travertine dam that occurs in various places near the waterfall.

Due to the effect of flash floods, the appearance of Havasu Waterfall and its inundation has changed many times. Before the flood of 1910, water flowed in almost continuous sheets, and was known as the Bridal Veil Waterfall.

The position of the flow of water first appeared in 1910, and has changed several times since then. Water currently flows as a flow. In the past, sometimes there were several streams, or continuous streams to the edges. Nevertheless, Havasu Falls is still beautiful today and is visited by many tourists. (WS.IN/ENG/*)
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