Kingdoms in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara - Lombok Island is an island in the Lesser Sunda Islands or West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Indonesia. 

Lombok is in some ways similar to Bali, and in the 1990s it began to be recognized by foreign tourists for its enchanting tourist objects.

Lombok's prehistoric era has not been tracked and recorded historically, unlike in Java, which has recorded a number of ancient relics and the history of its kingdoms or sultanates.

A more significant note comes from the Majapahit era which made Lombok one of the targets of Mahapatih Gajah Mada's Palapa Oath which he called Tanah Sela, Sasak Adi, Sasak Mirah.

As is the case on other islands in Indonesia, during his time in Lombok there were also several kingdoms. 

According to the contents of the Lombok Chronicle, the oldest kingdom that ever ruled on this island was called the Kingdom of Laeq (Sasak language: laeq means the past).

Another source, namely the Babad Suwung, stated that the oldest kingdom in Lombok was the Suwung Kingdom which was founded and led by King Betara Indera. The Suwung Kingdom receded to be replaced by the Lombok Kingdom.

In the 9th to 11th centuries AD, the Sasak Kingdom was established which was later defeated by one of the kingdoms originating from Bali at that time. 

Several other kingdoms that once stood on the island of Lombok, including Pejanggik, Langko, Bayan, Support Samarkaton and Selaparang.

The Selaparang Kingdom itself emerged in two periods, namely the 13th and 16th centuries AD. The early Selaparang kingdom was a Hindu kingdom and its power ended with the arrival of the expedition of the Majapahit Empire in 1357.

The second Selaparang Kingdom is the largest Islamic kingdom in Lombok which was founded by King Rangkesari in the 16th century AD in the eastern region of Lombok Island.

The power of the Selaparang Kingdom ended in 1744 after being conquered by the combined forces of the Karangasem Kingdom from Bali and Arya Banjar Getas from the royal family who betrayed because of problems with the Selaparang king. (US/IND)

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