Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic kingdoms in Central Java

Borobudur Temple (Photo Source: Search/Gmap)

INDEPHEDIA.com - In the Province of Central Java, Indonesia, several kingdoms once stood, ranging from Hindu, Buddhist to Islamic kingdoms.

These kingdoms also left a lot of legacy evidence related to their existence in the past.

Until now there are still many historical relics that can be seen, either in the form of temples, inscriptions or others.

Since the VII century, according to Jatengprov, there have been many royal governments in Central Java, namely the Buddhist Kingdom of Kalingga, Jepara, which was ruled by Queen Sima in 674.

According to the Canggah inscription or inscription in 732, the Hindu kingdom was born in Medang Kamulan with the name Sanjaya or Rakai Mataram.
Under the reign of Rakai Pikatan from the Sanjaya Dynasty, he built the Rorojonggrang Temple or Prambanan Temple.

The Buddhist Mataram kingdom was also born in Central Java during the reign of the Syailendra dynasty. They built temples, such as Borobudur Temple, Sewu Temple, Kalasan Temple and others.

In the 16th century AD after the collapse of the Hindu Majapahit kingdom, an Islamic empire emerged in Demak. Since then, Islam has spread in Central Java.

After the Demak Kingdom collapsed, Djoko Tingkir, son-in-law of King Demak (Sultan Trenggono) moved the Demak Kingdom to Pajang (near Solo).

Djoko Tingkir then declared himself the King of the Kingdom of Pajang and had the title Sultan Adiwijaya.

During his reign there were riots and rebellions. The biggest war was between Sultan Adiwijaya and Aryo Penangsang.

Sultan Adiwijaya assigned Danang Sutowijaya to quell Aryo Penangsang's rebellion and succeeded in killing Aryo Penangsang.

Due to his great service to the Kingdom of Pajang, Sultan Adiwijaya gave Mataram land to Sutowijaya as a gift.

After Pajang collapsed, he became the first Islamic Mataram King in Central Java and held the title Panembahan Senopati.

From the brief historical record above, it is known that the kingdoms that once stood in Central Java Province, including the Kalingga Kingdom, the Ancient Mataram Kingdom, the Demak Kingdom, the Pajang Kingdom and the Islamic Mataram Kingdom. (*)

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