Clíodhna, Goddess of Love in Irish Mythology - Clíodhna is a goddess from Irish mythology. Sometimes Goddess Cliodhna is described as “Banshee” or even “Queen of the Banshees” (usually translated as fairy).

As well as being the queen of the fairies, she is also crowned the goddess of love, perhaps because Clíodhna is considered the most beautiful woman in the world in this mythology.

Clíodhna is said to have had three brightly colored birds that ate apples from the tree of the other world and whose sweet songs healed the sick.

Unlike many other gods of love, Clíodhna is said to have remained chaste, keeping her love under lock and key until she met Ciabahn in an unexpected encounter.

Ciabahn is said to be one of the most handsome men who ever existed on Earth. Clíodhna loved him so much that she was willing to leave Tir Tairngire, the land of the gods, to be with Ciabahn.

Unfortunately, once the other gods found out about Clíodhna's departure, they conspired to return her back to the world of the gods.

While Ciabahn was away, Clíodhna was lulled to sleep by a singer's song. Then came a wave of gods that brought him back to the world of gods called Tir Tairngire.

The waves are referred to as "Clíodhna's Waves" or "Clíodhna waves." But another version says, the wave did not succeed in bringing him to the world of gods, but instead made him fall and drown in the sea. (*)

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