Yue Lao, God of Love in Chinese Mythology


INDEPHEDIA.com - Yue Lao, also known as "The Man under The Moon," is a popular character in Chinese mythology.

Yue Lao, or the old man under the moon, is the matchmaker and overseer of heterosexual marriages.

In his mythology, he is the one who connects the red thread of love destiny. He appears as a grandfather under the moon.

Yue Lao is often considered the god of benevolence, as he binds two people's hearts together in love and marriage.

With an invisible red thread, the god of matchmaking in the form of an old man with a white beard binds men and women according to their match.

In Taiwan, there is the Temple of the God of Love. This temple in Taipei is visited by many people every day. On Valentine's Day the number can soar many times.

Couples who make it to the wedding stage usually return to the shrine with a box of wedding cakes for offerings. (*)

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