Five Unique Tours in the World, Ranging from Spas, Chewing Gum Walls to Museums

Beaujolais Nouveau Spa, Japan - For those of you who like traveling unique it feels compulsory to visit some of the tourist spots that are currently hits. Reporting from, the following summarizes 5 of the most unique tourist attractions you should visit.

The first tourist spot is Beaujolais Nouveau Spa, Japan. At the Yunessun Spa Resort, guests can relax and swim in the large bathtub with a bottle of 3.6 meters of wine. During that time, visitors can soak themselves in a warm pool.

Second, Bubblegum Alley, California. This alley is in San Luis Obispo and was created in the 1960s. With a height of up to 15 feet, this wall is covered with rubber permets from tourists from all over the world who visit.

Third, the Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey, which opened in 1979 when a local potter, Chez Galip, had to part with his girlfriend who gave her a few strands of hair. Hearing the story, many other women were sad to leave the strands of hair there too. At present, the museum has more than 16,000 female hair.

Fourth, Carhenge, Nebraska, is located near the City of the Alliance. This place is made of 38 ancient American cars, all of which have been covered in gray paint and arranged in circles. This place was made by an architect, Jim Reinders.

Finally, fifth, The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden, Thailand. Another name is Thai Hell Horror Park. Here, you really feel like meeting a demon or like going to hell. Because, you will find many tortured soul statues and placards that tell them what sins they have committed. Interested in visiting? (WS.IN/ENG/**)

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