Definition, Characteristics and Types of Legend - In areas in Indonesia and even in various parts of the world there are legends, such as someone's supernatural powers, miracles and miracles.

Before being written down --some are not written down--, legends are usually spread by word of mouth.

Therefore, most of the legends are unclear as to who created it. However, if it is written, someone usually writes from the legend.

Definition of Legend

The term legend has quite a lot of meanings. Starting from general understanding, to understanding based on various experts.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), legends are ancient folklore related to historical events.

Legend stories resemble myths and are considered semi-imaginary, but have sacred values or are not considered sacred by some people like myths.

According to another understanding, legend is a genre of folklore consisting of narratives featuring human actions.

The narrative is believed or believed by the storyteller and listeners as a true story that once happened.

Narratives in this genre can convey human values, and have certain qualities that make the story seem real.

In another sense, legend is a form of folklore that is widespread in society and is legendary.

Legend stories are often interpreted as stories about the origins of an area, place, heritage, or something of historical value.

Characteristics of Legend Stories

- Characteristics that seem to really happen
- Secular or mediocre
- Legendary figures are commoners
- Collective history differs from real history
- A story that often twists history
- Based on movement in nature
- The nature of the cycle which means reflecting the characteristics of a certain time

Legend Types

Legends can be classified into four types, namely Religious, Mysterious, Individual (Personal) and Local Legends. (*)

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