Here Are 4 Reasons Many Foreign Tourists Have Vacation in Bali


According to them, Indonesians are no exception to the Balinese people, including the friendly hosts. - From surveys and news on a number of news portals and social media, in addition to the beach and its culture, there are at least four reasons why many Caucasians feel at home vacationing in Bali, Indonesia, which is warm, economical, simple and careful.

The first reason, according to them, is that Indonesians are no exception to the Balinese, including the friendly hosts of migrants. With a smile and always saying thank you is a form of good acceptance, also a sign of gratitude and respect for others. All this warmth is felt by foreign tourists who come to Bali.

The second reason, Bali is one of the coolest destinations that have affordable living standards for foreign tourists who travel, ranging from transportation, food and beverage rates, to free tourist destinations they can find in Bali.

In addition to warmth, the third reason, living in simplicity and gratitude is one of the many attitudes of Balinese people found by tourists who travel. Learning to find happiness from small things, such as the thrill of enjoying the sunset, sipping a cup of warm coffee has become a pleasant thing.

The fourth reason for Caucasians, in Bali all contain the word caution. The connotation of 'caution' is the same as relaxing or not in a hurry to do anything. Like for example, in a state of being trapped in chaotic traffic, Balinese will deal with it with caution. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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