Historical Tourism Object: Batu Brak Megalithic Site


Batu Brak Megalithic Site, Pekon Purawijaya, Kebon Tebu District, West Lampung Regency, Lampung Province.

INDEPHEDIA.com - Besides being famous for its panoramic view of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, West Lampung Regency (Lambar), Lampung Province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, it also stores valuable megalithic sites known as Batu Brak Site, in Pekon Purawijaya. Pekon Purawijaya, one of the villages located in Kebon Tebu sub-district. This village is located on the border with Bukit Kemuning which enters North Lampung.

The Batu Brak megalithic site occupies 3.5 hectares of land. This site was first discovered by the Transmigration group National Reconstruction Bureau from Subang in 1951. Meanwhile, initial research was only conducted 30 years later by Professor Ares Sukendar. In the beginning the area of ​​the site was a coffee plantation area of ​​local residents.

At the Batu Brak Site complex there were approximately 40 menhir stones, 38 dolmen, two flat stones, and several group stones. Its existence did not not get the government's attention at all, the proof was in 1984 and 1989 the site had been restored by repositioning and reconstructing rocks that had been separated from their original position due to the effects of natural disasters that had ever occurred.

Besides being found in Batu Brak Site in Kabon Tebu sub-district, there were also 8 other sites, each named Batu Jagur Site, Tameng Stone, Lake Mukmin, Cabang Dua, Batu Jaya and Air Ringkih. Because it holds a high historical value, this place is often used as a location for research from domestic and foreign scientists.

Until now, this site has not been opened for commercial tourism purposes, visitors who come are not charged. In addition, the local government is deliberately freeing this site as a form of concern for providing a cheap historical learning space. It's just that the manager emphasizes that every visitor does not damage the historical heritage in the region. (SJ.IN/R-01)

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