Top 5 Extreme Traditions That Make Goosebumps in The World

Famadihana Festival, Madagascar - There are many countries in the world that have unique traditions and habits. The uniqueness is often used as a cultural characteristic. In fact, a number of certain ethnic groups have a tradition that invites horror. Next, INDEPHEDIA summarizes five rituals and traditions that make the creeps of many people from various parts of the world.

The first tradition, dancing with the dead (body) or the Famadihana Festival which is held every seven years in Madagascar. This tradition is carried out by taking the bones of the ancestors from the grave ground wrapped in new cloth. Then, they danced with corpses around the tomb.

Second, the rituals of blooding Shia Muslims when celebrating Ashura by whipping themselves with chain knives while commemorating Ashura Day. They consider this self-injunction as a noble worship to commemorate the death of the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Husayn ibn Ali in the battle of Karbala in 61 H.

Third, the ritual of cutting the finger of the Dani in Papua. The indigenous tribe of the Baliem Valley, West Papua has a unique and painful tradition. Tribal members, especially women, will cut one finger segment if one family dies. The cut finger symbolizes their sadness when the loved one leaves.

Fourth, the Hindu Thaipusam Festival is held during the celebration of the Thaipusam religious holiday. They performed this ritual to express their devotion to God. This ritual is performed by piercing several parts of their body, including the tongue. This ritual was carried out by the Tamils, various painful knick-knacks adorned their bodies during the celebration.

Fifth, the tradition of throwing babies in India. This unique ritual has been carried out since 500 years ago. A few months old baby will be thrown from the top of the Sri Santeswar Temple. The ritual that takes place in the first week of December aims to bring health, prosperity, and luck to the baby. Every year there are more than 200 babies thrown from a height of 50 feet. (UNK.IN/ENG/*)
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