The Roman Empire, The Monarchical Government of The City of Rome

Remus and Romulus - The Roman Empire (Regnum Romanum) is a monarchical government in the City of Rome, Italy, with its first king named Romulus. This kingdom was founded around 753 BC, before the Ancient Roman Empire and ended after the overthrow of the power of the kings and the founding of the Republic in 509 BC.

The Roman Empire originated from settlements around the Palatine Hill along the Tiber river in Central Italy. It is told, Remus (first king) and his brother Romulus, son of Vesta Rhea Silvia (son of Numitor, king of Alba Longa) with Mars God. When they reached adulthood, they learned of the origin of his birth, and killed Amulius, Numitor's younger brother.

Instead of waiting until the time to replace Numitor as king Alba Longa, Remus and Romulus decided to build a new city. Remus wanted to build a city on Aventine Hill, while Romulus wanted Palantine Hill. Because of differing opinions, Remus and Romulus fought, until Remus was eliminated.

According to sources from Livius, Plutarch, Dionysius of Halicarnassus and others, the Roman Empire was led by seven kings in 243 years. When the Gauls attacked Rome after the Battle of Allia in 390 BC, all historical records were destroyed, so there is no historical record from the kingdom.

It is known, at this time Rome is the capital of Italy, the capital of the Province of Rome and also the regional capital of Lazio. The city is located downstream of the Tiber River, near the Mediterranean Sea. The history of this city is very long, more than 2,800 years. During this time, the city was once the center of the Roman Empire, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, and later the Papal state, the Kingdom of Italy, and now the Republic of Italy. (SJ.IN/ENG/*)
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