Fly Geysers, Colorful Mounds and Natural Fountains in Nevada Washoe


Not just a mound, this attraction also has another uniqueness because of its color that resembles a rainbow and a natural fountain that comes out from the bowels of the earth. - Fly Geyser, also known as the Fly Ranch Geyser, was actually created accidentally. In 1964 ago, in Nevada there was a well dig to explore geothermal energy sources.

Geothermal heat energy sources themselves are obtained from within the earth. However, when all excavations have been completed and the well will be closed, it will spout minerals continuously like a fountain.

This burst of minerals eventually accumulates and settles into a growing travertine mound. It is this mound that forms the Fly Ranch or Fly Geyser. Not just a mound, this attraction also has another uniqueness because of its color that resembles a rainbow.

The color of the rainbow is a high mineral content, eventually many algae grow and emit color pigments. The algae emits red, yellow, green, and orange colors on an artificial pile of Fly Geysers.

Fly Geysers spout water that can reach one to two meters in height. The surrounding land also forms a terrace. There are about 30 to 40 terraces filled with water from the geyser to resemble a pond that surrounds the Fly Geyser.

Unfortunately, Fly Geyster is not open to the public. Because it was in Nevada, precisely in the Hualapai Plain which became the property of Todd Jacksick. To enjoy it, visitors can see from a distance, because the surroundings are covered in barbed fences and locked gates. Or if you want to enjoy more closely, you can pay USD 50 or around IDR 670 thousand. How, are you interested in visiting Fly Geyster? (NW.IN/ENG/*)

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