Unique Attractions: Cave, Sea and Mountain Luminous Bright Blue


The three unique bright blue luminous sights are Waitomo Caves in New Zealand, the coastal sea of ​​Vieques Island (Isla de Vieques) in Puerto Rico and the Mount Ijen crater in East Java, Indonesia.

INDEPHEDIA.com - On this earth there are three unique tourist objects that are not owned by other countries, namely a cave, sea and mountain that shines bright blue like a fairy tale. Intrigued to see firsthand the uniqueness, many tourists came to visit the cave, sea and mountain.

The three unique bright blue luminous sights are Waitomo Caves in New Zealand, the coastal sea of ​​Vieques Island (Isla de Vieques) in Puerto Rico and the Mount Ijen crater in East Java, Indonesia.

Waitomo Cave, New Zealand

Waitomo Cave is located in the central part of the North Island in New Zealand, below the green and fertile countryside. The name Waitomo comes from the Maori language which is a native of the island. "Wai" means water, and "Tomo" means a hole in the ground.

The discovery of my cave occurred in the late 1800s by the head of Maori Tane Tinorau who was the first person to enter the underground miracle. Cave is open to tourists since 1889. The entrance he found 200 years ago is still used today.

There are thousands of small flaming creatures that inhabit the cave featuring beautiful natural blue light for visitors. Inside this cave there are thousands of Lampyris noctiluca or glowworm (worms) that glow like fireflies. The existence of these worms produces a game of light in the darkness of the cave, providing an amazing experience for cave visitors.

Glowworm is a bioluminescent insect that can produce light with its tail. This is actually the chemical reaction they produce and oxygen. Glowworms spend most of their lives as matchstick-sized larvae.

Cave habitat is perfect for glowworms because they usually live in dark and humid environments. Their yarn is never dry or damaged due to the high humidity in the cave. The river flowing under the thread is the main food supplier for glowworm.

Caves are always monitored to ensure sparkling creatures have everything they need for their survival. After all, they are the reason so many people visit Waitomo. Travelers who are interested in seeing it can take a tour by boat to enter the cave.

Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico

One of the most popular blue glowing seas is on the coast of Vieques Island (Isla de Vieques) in Puerto Rico. The sea glows blue if at night it is located in the northeast of the Caribbean, and becomes part of the country of Puerto Rico.

On one side of the island is Biobay, short for Bioluminescent Bay, which is said to be the brightest bioluminescent beach in the world. The natural phenomenon of blue luminous sea water at Bioluminenescent Bay is indeed amazing. So many tourists are curious and visit Isla de Vieques.

Being in this place, we seem to be in a fairyland. Imagine what if we swim in the sea water, as if the blue light surrounds our bodies swimming and shines illuminating the darkness of the night.

Phenomena that are rarely found anywhere else on earth are real. Blue light on this beach is not man-made or waste intentionally by humans, but this blue light comes from millions of microorganisms that live in the sea.

When night falls, microorganisms located on the shoreline illuminate their own bodies and because of the darkness of the night there is such an amazing light.

Mount Ijen Crater, East Java, Indonesia

Ijen Crater is a unique mountain nature tourist spot that only exists in Indonesia. The uniqueness of the crater at Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia, is able to emit blue light at dawn.

Ijen active volcano which is administratively located in two districts, namely Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. This crater is above 2,368 meters above sea level. If there is a peak, you will feel the sensation of the active natural beauty of the mountains, the activity of the mountain crater and the sulfur mining community.

In the crater of Mount Ijen, you can do two interesting activities. Here, you can see blue fire in the early hours, and trekking while watching the miners passing by carrying huge sulfur stones tirelessly.

The phenomenon of the blue fire in this crater made many travelers curious and visited here. In fact, not only the travelers who visited there, but also many geologists and researchers who visited him.

Because there is sulfur gas in Ijen, here you are advised to use a mask equipped with an air filter. Usually, besides carrying it yourself, you can rent the mask when you are in the post or have been provided by the guide if you hire a tour guide. (WS / UNK.IN / ENG / *)

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