Diet Not Eating Rice Can Make You Slim, How come? This Explanation of Science - To meet the needs of carbohydrates, the habit of eating rice has become a staple food for most Indonesian people. In fact, there is an assumption that not eating rice is the same as not eating.

Not only that, being overweight is also identified as a result of excessive eating, so reducing or avoiding rice is considered the most effective way to control weight. Is that right? In fact, carbohydrates are not only found in rice.

Carbohydrates as a source of energy for humans can also be found in food ingredients, such as bread, seeds, potatoes, even fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the human body can also convert energy from two other fuels, namely protein and fat into carbohydrate components when the body does not have sufficient carbohydrate reserves. This process is called glyconegenesis. Therefore, carbohydrates, proteins and fats collectively are often referred to as macronutrients.

Carbohydrates are formed from the chain of its forming components called saccharides. The more complex and long the chain of carbohydrates, the more energy and time needed to break it down into monosaccharides - sugar groups that are readily absorbed by the human body to be turned into energy.

The process of changing sugar into energy by the body begins with the breakdown of monosaccharides through the process of glycolysis, in which pyruvate compounds will be formed and converted into compounds called acetyl-CoA through a series of enzymatic reactions. This acetyl-CoA is then used to start the citric acid cycle, also known as the Krebs' cycle.

Like an engine, when the body requires a lot of energy to function, the need for fuel will increase. Sugar will be absorbed by the body into the blood, and then distributed to cells in the body in need.

If the sugar content in the body is running low, energy reserves stored in the form of fat will immediately be reacted to meet energy needs. Conversely, when we are doing activities that are less active, our body does not need much energy.

Glucolysis reactions that have turned our food into energy under these conditions are no longer needed, and excess energy will be stored as reserves in the form of fat. Contrary to the myths circulating in society, fat is not the most important role in determining a person's weight.

That is, if someone wants to lose weight or slimming the body by not eating rice but eating other foods that have carbohydrates the same comparison.

If you slim down your ideal body shape, the combination between regulating good diet and exercise that burns fat, as well as stimulating the growth of the right lifestyle muscle to be done routinely, rather than reducing eating excess rice which sometimes sometimes leads to illness. (SBB.IN/ENG*)

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