Easy Ways to Make WhatsApp Stickers With Your Own Face Photos


INDEPHEDIA.com - Currently on WhatsApp (WA) currently has Stickers for users. The type of stickers offered by Facebook's chat platform also varies. In addition to the existing options, WhatsApp users can also create WhatsApp stickers from their own face photos.

Steps related to this personal sticker feature, first of all you need at least three selfie photos, because that is the minimum amount for a photo that is a sticker.

Delete the background of the photo and change its format to PNG so that it can have a transparent background. You can use the background eraser application which is widely available in the Play Store and App Store stores.

To make it easier to clean, it's a good idea to take photos with a plain colored background, such as a wall. Then, open the new application then select the "Eraser" icon and select the photo you want to tidy up.

In the application there are several tools, including automatic tools that are very easy to use for removing plain colored backgrounds. Make sure the background is erased evenly so that it can display properly on WhatsApp later.

When you have finished editing at least 3 of these photos, click the check mark at the top right, then the photo will be converted automatically into PNG format. Background Eraser provides tools to add text, but you can also use other applications, such as PicsArt to do this after removing the background of the photo.

Don't forget, make sure your WhatsApp has been updated to version 2.18 or newer to support the use of stickers. Open WhatsApp, then select the option to add emojis located to the left of the column to type a message. Then select the "Stickers" icon located to the right of the 'GIF' icon.

After that the user will display a sticker, such as a cup sticker that has been installed by default. On this page, select the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner to add your own stickers.

In this section, users will be presented with a set of stickers that are recommended by WhatsApp. Scroll down until the text "Get more stickers", select the option to add your own homemade stickers.

Next, you will be escorted to the Play Store or App Store display which contains a list of applications with the keyword "WAStickerApp". In the list, select the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp application made by Stukalov, then install on the device. Happy creation. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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