This Is How to Limit Entered WhatsApp Group Suddenly - Often we are suddenly added to a WhatsApp (WA) group without prior notice or approval. Besides being a bit annoying, this is also often a privacy problem that has been on WhatsApp for a long time for many users.

There is no limit for WhatsApp group admin to add other people to the group allegedly often a means of spreading hoax or spam.

But, it turns out this can be overcome. WhatsApp provides a solution in the form of restrictions on who can invite users into a group. In fact, the group admin can no longer carelessly add people to a group.

These restrictions can be found in the WhatsApp group settings, namely in Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups. There are three choices available about anyone who can directly invite users into a group, namely "Everyone" which means everyone without restrictions, "My contacts" alias only those in the contact list, and "Nobody" or no equal once.

In this setting, if you want the WhatsApp group admin to invite WhatsApp users who limit invitations, they must send a link containing the invitation link to enter the group via japri (PM) to the related user.

Individual users who are invited to the group can consider whether to join by clicking the invitation link or not. This invitation link is valid for 72 hours.

This group limiting invite feature is known to have begun testing in the WhatsApp iOS and Android applications since beta 2.19.55. If it is not yet available, it is likely that the user still has to wait until the group invitation limiting feature is received.

To find out the latest developments, make sure you also update WhatsApp to the latest version via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store so you don't miss the update. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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