How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving Contact Numbers - In using WhatsApp, phone number is certainly the most important aspect for using WhatsApp. Users will not be able to send messages if they do not know the number of the intended person.

In order for each message to be exchanged, there is one other requirement that must be met. The requirement is that the user must save the number of the person he wants to contact in the phonebook or contact list.

By saving the phone number in the contact list, WhatsApp will scan the list and see who are the people who also use this instant message. So users can start exchanging messages.

So what if on the contrary, we send WhatsApp but the contact number of someone or more we do not store in the contact list? Through a feature called "Click to Chat" it turns out it can be done.

With the Click to Chat feature the user can start a chat with someone without having to save the person's telephone number in the cellphone phone book. The requirement, the user of course must know the number of people to be contacted.

The first step the user must open a browser that is available on mobile and laptop. Then type the address "" without the quotes, followed by the destination phone number.

In use, the number entered must be accompanied by a country code instead of the zero (0). In addition, users are also not allowed to type other symbols, such as the plus sign (+).

The correct example is like this, without the quotes: "". Remember, don't use the zero symbol or number on the front like this example: " or"

In addition, the Click to Chat feature can also make chat and message content automatically. To make it, users can follow the steps below.

The format used, i.e. "" without quotes. For example: " home".

After the format is created automatically, the message that the user will send will be filled with the sentence "I need information related to your home" like the example above. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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