Interesting and Must-Visit Attractions in Tana Toraja

Tongkonan Traditional House in Kete Kesu Village, Tana Toraja - Indonesia is rich in local customs and culture to its natural charm which attracts world tourists. One of the tourist destinations in the country which is famous for its rich cultural traditions is Tana Toraja.

Tanah Toraja, one of the regencies in South Sulawesi Province. Regional exoticism and local wisdom owned by this region makes the name of Tana Toraja has been known to the international scene.

To get to Tana Toraja, from Makassar City you can travel by land or air. Land routes can generally take around 8 - 9 hours by bus or private car. Meanwhile, the air route only takes 45 minutes.

In Tana Toraja, tourists can still see the unique daily life and traditions of the local community. In addition to the beauty of the traditional architecture of the Tongkonan house, tourists can also observe the unique tradition of the death ceremony known as Rambu Solo which is usually held in July and August.

The uniqueness of this tradition makes Tana Toraja as a tourist destination from Indonesia that has its own charm. If you have a vacation plan to Tana Toraja, this district offers quite a number of tour options for you to visit.

In addition to its culture, Tana Toraja also has many tourist attractions that have natural, religious and culinary nuances that are not inferior to other regional tours in Indonesia.

The most beautiful and unique tourist attractions in Tana Toraja that are recommended to be visited include Kete Kesu Village, Batutumonga, Lemo / Londa Attractions, Bori Parinding, Tarra Tree and the Ne 'Gandeng Museum.

Then, there is Sarambu Assing Waterfall, Talondo Tallu Waterfall, Tumonga Stone, Ollon Tourism Area, Pango-pango Agro-turism, Tilangga Natural Pool, and many others. Have a nice trip! (WS.IN/ENG*)
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