Want to Perfume Long-Lasting Perfume in Ihe Body? Here's How


INDEPHEDIA.com - Anyone would be disappointed if you use perfume, but the fragrance quickly disappears. The problem is, sometimes the error is not just from the perfume, but from how to use it.

So that the fragrance of perfume spreads and lasts, there are actually procedures. Ways to maintain the fragrance of perfume so that the durability and fragrance is not quickly dispersed, including before using perfume the user is advised to take a shower first.

With a shower first, the pores of the skin will open wide so it is easy to absorb the perfume that has been sprayed. Without excessive sweat contamination, perfume will be more pervasive after bathing.

Then, spray perfume from a certain distance. In order to spray the perfume wider and more evenly, do it from a distance of about 15-25 cm and avoid spraying perfume on clothes (specifically body deodorizer).

Spray perfume at the pulse. Parts of the body that have pulses, such as the inner wrist, neck, behind the ears, and behind the knees. These parts tend to produce higher heat which helps spread the scent of perfume throughout the body.

Finally, avoid rubbing the body part that is sprayed. Rubbing the surface of the skin after spraying perfume can actually make the fragrance quickly disappear and not last long. Because, that action will make the molecules in the perfume that is sprayed broken and the fragrance quickly dispersed and disappear. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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