WhatsApp Signs Spyware Attacked and How to Prevent It


INDEPHEDIA.com - The issue of application vulnerability due to spyware is currently a concern of WhatsApp users. The hackers have spread surveillance software to WhatsApp users with phone calls.

The vulnerability found on WhatsApp allows attackers to put spyware on your cell phone by making a call regardless of whether you receive the call or not. Spyware will also delete the call from the user's call log, so there is no trace of its whereabouts on the remaining cell phone.

After the spyware issue spread, the company patched the application through updates, and encouraged users to update immediately. Attacks that occur on WhatsApp are referred to as "zero-day exploits" in the world of cybersecurity.

A zero-day exploit is a vulnerability in software that was previously unknown to everyone, including users and companies. According to security experts, there is nothing the user can do to protect themselves from such attacks. However, you can see the signs and try to do prevention.

Until now there has been no sure way to check whether a device is affected by spyware. But, according to experts, there are certain signs that can help to distinguish WhatsApp someone is being manipulated unconsciously by a third party.

Cellular security expert for antivirus software maker Symantec, Domingo Guerra said, one way to recognize the signs of WhatsApp being attacked by spyware is to try and see changes on your mobile device.

Another sign, namely the use of batteries that are not as usual can also be an indication of someone's cell phone affected by spyware. Because it might send and receive a lot of data, there might be signs that the device is compromised.

Ways to avoid spying attacks include updating WhatsApp to the latest version and updating the mobile operating system. This step is important if you believe the device might be affected.

WhatsApp has previously announced if it has discovered this vulnerability and immediately corrects the problem. But the company has not said how many of the 1.5 billion application users are estimated to be affected by spyware. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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