Here's How to See WhatsApp Message History Although It Has Been Removed - WhatsApp users are certainly familiar with the pull message or delete messages feature. The feature that was present around the beginning of 2018 then allows you to retract or delete messages that you sent less than 7 minutes before.

With this feature, when you send a wrong message, whether it's the wrong person or sending the wrong response, then you can delete the message before your friend reads it. But apparently, you can still read messages that have been pulled or deleted by the sender by recovering the message.

When someone sends you a message via WhatsApp, the message is actually automatically entered into the notification history (Notification Log). For those of you who want to know how to see the WhatsApp app notification history on your Android Smartphone that you use even though the message has been deleted there is actually a way.

Because not all Android smartphones support the 'Notification History' feature for the WhatsApp application, you must download and install an application to be able to view the notification history and read the deleted messages. The application is called Notisave-Save Notifications.

To get this application, the first step you need to do is open the Google Play Store. Look for the Notisave-Save Notifications application. After that install the application on your Android Smartphone. After you install it, then open the Notisave application.

When the Notisave application opens, it will ask for access permission for all notifications, and you only need to press the 'Allow' button. In the application, you must enter the settings section, and activate 'PassCode'. This 'PassCode' feature serves to restrict application access by others, besides yourself as a Smartphone owner.

After setting is activated, the Notisave application is now ready to save all notifications that enter your Smartphone, including messages from the WhatsApp application that the sender has pulled or deleted.

You only need to enter the application, and there will display all notifications of incoming WhatsApp messages, and show the contents of the message even if the sender has deleted it. It's easy, right? Good luck! (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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