Beachy Head, Enchanting Limestone Rocks in England - Even though the UK in its big city is filled with concrete forests, there are still many areas that have an enchanting natural feel visited by tourists. One of them is Beachy Head, a white cliff formation in southern England.

If vacationing in London, make sure you visit Beachy Head in Eastbourne. From the City of London, to get to the location you only need about 1 hour by train, or a distance of 2 hours by car.

With the formation of pure white rocks with a beautiful natural atmosphere, Beachy Head deserves to be called the prettiest cliff in England. The white color itself is obtained from limestone rock formations that have been formed since tens of millions of years ago. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings with its blue beaches.

Tourists who come to Beachy Head not only stare from below but can also try to enjoy it from a height by helicopter ride. The helicopter tour initiated by the Brighton Scenic tour operator is only priced at 65 Pounds Sterling. (WS.IN/ENG/*)

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