Karimunjawa National Park, Enchanted Islands in The Java Sea


INDEPHEDIA.com - Karimunjawa is an archipelago attraction that is included in the Karimunjawa National Park area. This place is located in the Java Sea and is in Jepara Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

Karimunjawa National Park is a group of 22 islands covering 111,625 hectares. Karimunjawa National Park was designated as a Marine Nature Reserve in 1986.

In 1999, the Karimunjawa Nature Reserve and its surrounding waters were changed to a National Park under the name Karimunjawa National Park. In 2001, a total area of ​​110,117.30 hectares of Karimunjawa National Park was designated as an Aquatic Nature Conservation Area.

Karimunjawa National Park is currently managed by the Karimunjawa National Park Office with the main task of carrying out the management of the Karimunjawa National Park area in the context of conservation of living natural resources and its ecosystem.

In this place, you will be presented with an awesome view, starting from the beauty of coral reefs
, beaches and beautiful island clusters that adorn the Java sea, to stunning views of the hills that you will also get by visiting Love Hill, Nyamplungan Hill and Joko Tuo Hill in Karimunjawa.

The beauty of Karimunjawa which is indeed charming will make you feel at home for long. Here, you can do many activities related to the sea, including diving, snorkeling, bathing on the beach and sunbathing, fishing and more. (WS.IN/ENG/*)
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