The Charm of Mount Sibayak in Karo, North Sumatra - Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra Province is certainly familiar to many people. But, not many people know about the existence of Mount Sibayak. In fact, Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung flanking the City of Berastagi store a variety of natural charm that you unfortunately miss when visiting North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Mount Sibayak which has an altitude of 2,094 meters above sea level and entered the Bukit Barisan Forest Park section is located in the Karo highlands, Karo Regency. The Karo people call Mount Sibayak the nickname "Mount Raja". Besides being beautiful, Mount Sibayak is also easy to climb. So, to see the charm you do not need to worry about difficulty climbing it.

To reach the Mount Sibayak area, you need to travel about 60 kilometers from the center of Medan. Upon arrival in Berastagi City, you need to travel another 3 kilometers to reach the Sibayak Mountain area.

There are three paths you can take for climbing, namely Desa Semangat Gunung, Jarang Uda Village and Line 54. To access Mount Sibayak, you can use private vehicles such as cars or motorbikes. Later the vehicle can be deposited at the first post and there is a deposit fee.

Besides having lots of climbing access, Mount Sibayak also offers a variety of tourist attractions, such as camping, seeing the active crater of Mount Sibayak, hunting sunrise to enjoy the beauty of Mount Sinabung and the City of Berastagi from a height on the highest peak of Mount Sibayak with the name "Takal Kuda" which means "Horse Head".

Not only that, the high sulfur content in Mount Sibayak makes it has a natural hot spring. This hot water emerged from the cracks of the lava flow to the south of Mount Sibayak. One of the hot springs you can see and enjoy is at Lau Sidebuk-debuk Bath.

The hot spring is now officially a tourist attraction managed by the local government. After tired of conquering Mount Sibayak, make sure you also relax here. Because of its sulfur content, hot water here is believed to cure skin diseases, back pain to aches. Wow, it's worth a try! (WS.IN/ENG/*)
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