Beginning Arrival of Spain and Competition in Spices Trade in Maluku - Portuguese was the first country to colonize Indonesia between 1509-1595. One important figures, Alfonso de Albuquerque, Portuguese succeeded in introducing the archipelago to the European world.

The initial arrival Portuguese to the Maluku region was motivated by the search for spices. After the Portuguese, the Spaniards came to Indonesia. Spain did not have time to control the kingdoms archipelago. In Indonesia, Spain only had time to compete with the Portuguese in Maluku.

Although the Spanish actually sailed earlier than the Portuguese, the great Spanish sailor Christopher Columbus did not succeed in discovering the 'Spice Islands'. Columbus only got to the American continent.

Despite great success, Spain had not yet succeeded in discovering the spice islands in question. Then, Spain again launched an expedition under the leadership of Fernando de Magelhaens or Ferdinand Magellan with the captain ship Sebastian del Cano.

On April 7, 1521, Magellan and his crew arrived at Cebu Island, Philippines. He was well received by the King of Cebu, because at that time Cebu was at war with Mactan. Because Magellan was killed by Mactan in the Philippines, the expedition was continued by del Cano.

Under del Cano's leadership, the Spanish party finally arrived in Tidore. The Kingdom of Tidore welcomed the arrival of Spain. They made Spain an ally. At that time, Tidore was hostile to the Portuguese who were allied with Ternate.

The arrival of Spain, of course, was a threat to the Portuguese. Because, at that time the Portuguese monopolized trade in Maluku. The Portuguese and Spanish also competed by exploiting local royal hostilities.

On April 22, 1529, the two agreed through the Saragosa Agreement. The Saragosa Agreement contained, namely that Spain had to leave Maluku and concentrate its activities in the Philippines, while the Portuguese continued to carry out trading activities in Maluku.

At that time the Spanish assisted by Tidore had fought against the Portuguese who were assisted by Ternate. However, Spain finally left and the Portuguese returned to monopolize trade in Maluku.

Spanish colonization of Indonesia between 1521-1692. Due to the defeat Portuguese in 1602, the Dutch started their colonialization by establishing a trading partnership in Batavia which was named the VOC (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie). (SJ/RI/*)


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