Lake Victoria, Continent of Africa - Lake Victoria is one popular tourist destinations on the African continent. Lake Victoria or Victoria Nyanza, also known as Ukerewe which has an area of ​​68,870 square kilometers, is one largest lakes on the continent.

Apart from the largest lake on the African continent, Lake Victoria is also one of the largest tropical lakes in the world, and the second largest freshwater lake in the world in surface area. Because it is shallow, it is ranked as the 7th freshwater lake in volume, containing 2,760 cubic kilometers of water.

Lake Victoria, located in three countries, namely Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, is the source longest branch Nile River, the White Nile, located on a plateau in the western part Great Rift Valley of Africa.

Within the lake are more than 3,000 islands that are mostly uninhabited, including the Ssese Islands in Uganda, a large group of islands to the northwest lake and a popular tourist destination.

There are many tour packages to fill your vacation to Lake Victoria, one of which is to Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, located 940 kilometers to the southeast of Lake Victoria. If you are looking for the nearest airport the distance is approximately 140 kilometers.

Here, you can take a tour by joining one guided tours in the area, such as exploring nature, watching wildlife and wildlife safaris typical of Africa.

No vacation is completely complete without a little relaxing time. Watching birds and watching wildlife are two fun ways to travel in this area.

Adventure-loving visitors looking for fresh air can try rock climbing and mountain climbing. When the day is hot, you can find a way to refresh yourself by swimming and snorkeling in Tanzania. For indoor activities, you can also visit the craft workshops in this area.

In this place you can explore the area by looking at open-air markets, visiting historical sites in this area or seeing the ruins, traditional villages and archeological sites. (WS.YL/*)


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