Fort Toboali, a Historical Building Left By The Dutch East Indies in South Bangka - Fort Toboali is one of the colonial heritage buildings of the Dutch East Indies in Indonesia which was built in 1825.

This fort is located in Tanjung Ketapang Village, Toboali District, South Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province (Babel).

The location of the fort is on a plateau or hill at the end of Toboali City, which directly faces the beach at a height of about 20 meters above sea level.

The fort was built to protect and protect Dutch interests in tin mining.

Based on known historical facts, tin in Bangka was first discovered in 1709 during excavations at Sungai Olin, Toboali District by people from Johor.

The position of the fort is very strategic. To the south of the fort you can see the Java Sea and a little to the west is the port of Bomb Short.

In the past, this port looked more towards the East. This is indicated by the existence of a former ship wharf building at that location.

Currently, the condition of the fort itself looks no longer intact. In fact, there are some buildings that are overgrown with trees and entwined with tree roots.

This is also the main attraction of the old Toboali fort and is a favorite selfie spot for visitors who visit here. (WS.IN/*)

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