Samudera Pasai, The First Islamic Empire in Indonesia - The Kingdom of Samudera Pasai is the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia which is located in Lhokseumawe, Aceh.

The Samudera Pasai Kingdom was founded by Meurah Silu (Malik Al-Saleh) in 1267 AD. This kingdom was a combination of the Pase and Peurlak kingdoms, with its first king Malik al-Saleh.

Meurah Silu or Malik Al-Saleh was the first Islamic sultan in Indonesia. He ruled for about 29 years, from 1297-1326.

Archaeological evidence of the existence of the Pasai Ocean Kingdom with the discovery of the tombs of the Pasai kings in Geudong Village, North Aceh.

This tomb is located near the ruins of the center of the Samudera empire in Beuringin Village, Samudera District, about 17 kilometers east of Lhokseumawe.

Among the tombs of these kings, there is the name of Sultan Malik Al-Saleh, the first King of Pasai. Malik Al-Saleh is Meurah Silu's new name after she converted to Islam.

A Muslim traveler from Maghribi, Ibnu Bathutah, had visited Pasai in 1346. Ibn Bathutah also said that when he was in China, he saw the Sultan of Pasai's ship in China.

Indeed, Chinese sources do mention that Pasai envoys regularly came to China to hand over tribute.

Other information states that the Sultan of Pasai sent an envoy to Quilon, West India, in 1282. This proves that Pasai has quite extensive relations with outside kingdoms.

During its heyday, Samudera Pasai was an important trading center in the region, visited by merchants from various countries, such as China, India, Siam, Arabia and Persia. The main commodity is pepper.

As a large trading port, Samudera Pasai issued a gold currency called the Dirham. This money was used legally in the kingdom.

Apart from being a trading center which was visited by many traders from foreign countries, Samudera Pasai was also the center for the development of Islam.

The sultan who succeeded in bringing Samudera Pasai to the peak of its glory, namely Sultan Mahmud Malik Az Zahir, the third king of Samudera Pasai who ruled from 1326-1345.

Over time, Samudera Pasai experienced setbacks, until it was finally conquered by the Majapahit Empire around 1360. In 1524, Samudera Pasai was conquered by the Kingdom of Aceh. (*)

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