The First Railway Line in Indonesia, Here is Location - Apart from cars and motorbikes, currently many people who use public transportation use trains as a means of land transportation.

Judging from its development, the history of railways in Indonesia has a long journey.

The construction of railroads in the archipelago began after the Forced Cultivation imposed by van den Bosch in 1825-1830.

The idea of an Indonesian railway was put forward with the aim of transporting crops from the Cultivation System.

One of the reasons supporting the availability of trains was due to the not optimal use of the roads at that time.

Finally, in 1840, Colonel J.H.R. Carel Van der Wijck submitted a plan to build a railroad in the Dutch East Indies.

At the request of King Willem I for military purposes in Semarang and agricultural produce to the Semarang Warehouse, the first train in Indonesia was built in 1867 in Semarang.

The first railway line in Indonesia by NISM, N.V. (Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij) takes the route Semarang - Responsibility which is 26 km with a track width of 1,435 mm.

Meanwhile, the width of the SS - Staatsspoorwegen line built by NISM is 1,067 mm or what is currently used.

Currently, Semarang, the location of the first railway line in Indonesia, is a city which is also the capital of Central Java Province (Central Java) and one of the largest cities in the country. (*)

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