Here Are the 5 Tourist Travel Applications You Must Know


These applications make it easier for travelers or tourists to travel without the hassle of carrying a guidebook. - To make it easier for travelers or tourists to travel without the hassle of carrying a guidebook, here are 5 applications that recommends and you should know.

1. Sunday Drive

The Sunday Drive provides a route for the road trip you want. This map nicely provides recommendations for exciting attractions such as waterfalls, museums, and beautiful spots to take photos.

This application also gives users tips provided by local residents. This application will provide navigation of the road to the best and interesting points.

2. Field Trip

This application can be downloaded free on Itunes and Android. Complete your relaxed walking habits by using Google's Field Trip application.

With this application, you will get a notification that displays photos of interesting tourist attractions with brief information.

Even better, this application will provide recommendations for places to get a delicious lunch.

You will get a story review of Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London without actually going there.

3. Detour

Detour provides travel guides using sound. This application accesses your position using GPS, then provides recommendations on tourist attractions around you. Complete with conversations of people you can meet on the trip.

For example, the Fisherman’s Wharf tour application in San Francisco will advise you to explore the work area on the dock.

You can watch the loading and unloading activities of the fishermen's catch, and explore the area with many hidden pearls, complete with antique villages.

Detour can be downloaded by Apple users, but unfortunately, Detour is only available in the San Francisco area. This application only provides seven travel options, but will always increase every month.

4. Stray Boots

How does it feel to combine your casual walk with hunting scavengers?

Stray Boots provides recommendations for 60 cruise tours in several cities such as Atlanta, Copenhagen, Nashville and Paris.

When you do a cruise, the application will provide interesting hunting challenges, such as tasting new foods.

The "at home" section of this application gives you access to learn trivia-trivia about other destinations by sitting on the couch of your comfortable home.

5. Roadside America

Don't miss the unique museum or local replica of Stonehenge stone. Roadside America shows the closest attractions that are worth a visit, complete with information on visiting hours, telephone numbers, and how to get there.

This application also provides tips on tourist attractions near your location that you must visit. (*)

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