Merangin National Geopark, World Heritage Park in Jambi - Merangin National Geopark is located in Merangin District, Jambi Province, and has an area of ​​1,699 km2, covering 9 sub-districts, namely Renah Pembarap District, Manau River, Bangko Barat, Bangko, Jangkat, Lembah Masurai, East Java, West Pamenang and Veil

In this geopark found a wide distribution of Jambi, 290 million year old flora fossils. The fossil states that the old land of Merangin became evidence of the spread of Cathaysian flora, and became a reference in any reconstruction of plate movements.

Merangin Jambi National Geopark has been part of the 2017-2019 Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand Growth Triangle Program and has been included in the UNESCO assessment.

As an effort to introduce Earth Park tourism objects closer to the public and tourists, the local government for the first time in 2017 held the Enchanting Geopark Jambi Festival which was filled with various activities and competitions.

In addition to its natural charm, in the Geopark (earth park) area of ​​Merangin, tourists can try white water rafting along the Batang Merangin River. The currents and terrain are quite challenging, suitable as a test of guts to relieve fatigue.

According to researcher Geopark Global Network (GGN), Mr Komo, from Malaysia, Merangin National Geopark is second to none in the world. In the past, the Merangin Geopark area was in six districts in Jambi Province. However, after the GGN team came to conduct an assessment for UNESCO's recognition, Geopark Merangin became a world heritage location was reduced only in Merangin District. (WS.IN/MRG/*)
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