Siger Crown of Customs and Symbols in Lampung Province


Siger Lampung is used by Lampung women, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, both Saibatin civilizations, and those with Pepadun civilization. - Siger (Lampung Language: sigoʁ, sigokh) is the crown of a Lampung bride. 

Siger Lampung is used by Lampung women, both from Saibatin, as well as those from Pepadun.

The Siger used by the Lampung Pepadun community is different from the Siger used by the Saibatin Lampung community. 

The Siger used by the Lampung community in Saibatin has a curvature of seven, while the siger used by the Lampung community Pepadun is notched nine.

Nine siger Pepadun curves can be interpreted as the nine genera that form Abung Siwo Megou. Generally, siger Pepadun is used as the crown of the bride. 

However, it is not uncommon for Lampung women to use siger as headdress in traditional and other cultural events with a smaller form than the pengatin crown.

Siger is made of copper, brass, or other metal painted in gold. Gold-colored Siger Pepadun comes with tree ornaments and fruity fruit. 

In addition, the Siger Pepadun is also decorated with typical Lampung carvings on the metal plate.

At present, the siger symbol has been applied in various forms. The siger symbol, both in pictures and 3 dimensions can be found in Lampung in the form of monuments, towers, house ornaments, shop houses, house fences, and in the form of accessories such as key chains, paintings, sculptures, dolls, and so on.

In addition, the symbol of Siger can be found in the logo of Lampung Province, regency / city, government agencies, institutions, companies, organizations, events and activities in Lampung. 

The Siger Tower is a typical icon of Lampung Province and is located exactly 0 km from Sumatra Island. (BD.IN/ENG/R-01)

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