Here's How You Choose a Spiritual Travel Agent - Many tourists travel to various places in the world, one of them is a spiritual journey. Travel agents become a mainstay for places that are difficult to reach alone by tourists.

For a spiritual journey, here are tips on choosing a trusted travel agent, as quoted from the Panorama Ministry press release.

1. Explore travel agent's track record information

Be sure to choose a travel agent whose track record is good. First look for the background of a travel agent that we will use, so we don't regret it later. With the ease of technology, all information can be accessed through the touch of a finger. Look for travel agents who are experienced and have made many spiritual trips.

2. Ask for recommendations and reviews

Never hesitate to ask for recommendations and advice from people who often use the services of a tourist agent. They can explain things that are unknown, for example the advantages and disadvantages of each tourist agent. After that, compare the information with what is printed on the Internet.

3. Select a broad network travel agent

After finishing comparing, it's time to choose the desired travel agent. You can choose agents with a wide network and have a reputation both at home and abroad.

4. Don't just trust cheap prices

Often victims of spiritual journey fraud are promised low prices lower than market prices. Although not all cheap spiritual travel packages are fraudulent, it is better to be careful about the offer given.

5. Look for customized packages

Cheaper prices can be dealt with by adjusting tour packages according to their needs and abilities. In addition to getting a more economical price, you can also feel more comfortable in worship. (TP.IN/ENG/R-01)

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