Silindrik Nilodingin Stone, Megalithic Site Evidence of Merangin Civilization


The cylindrical stone found on this site is made of elliptic natural stone. - The Silindrik Nilodingin Stone Site is a legacy of prehistoric civilizations, located in Nilodingin Village, Muara Siau District, Merangin Regency, Jambi Province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, which is astronomically located at coordinates 02º24'24.00 "LS and 101º50'56.00" BT.

The cylindrical stone found on this site is made of elliptic natural stone measuring 4.38 x 1,125 meters. In its base there is a human-shaped ornament that is sitting or squatting with both arms stretched.

The depiction of humans is imperfect and disproportionate. Meanwhile, at the end of it is left plain, only the surface is made convex, as quoted by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

This cylindrical stone is found in the middle of rice fields located on a small hill on the location of a cinnamon plantation. The condition of the cylindrical stone has begun to wear out, brittle, and broken on its base. (SJ.IN/ENG/*)

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