Silindrik Pratintuo or Batu Larung Stone Site on Bukit Lematang - Pratintuo Stone Silindrik Site which by residents called Batu Larung is located in Dusun Tuo Village, Lembah Masurai District, Merangin Regency, Jambi Province, Sumatra Island, Indonesia, which is astronomically located at the coordinates 02º21'21.08 "LS and 101º53 ' 47.03 "BT.

The location of Batu Larung from Bangko City is approximately 60 kilometers, or approximately 1.5 hours drive by vehicle. Not far from Batu Larung, Dusun Tuo Village, about 5 kilometers away is Batu Larung Nilo Dingin. Other Batu Larung can be found again by road trip from Bangko for about 4-6 hours, precisely in Tanjungkasri Village, Lubukmentilin, and Renahkemumu.

This elliptical cylindrical stone and measuring 3.45 x 0.94 meters is located at the top of Bukit Lematang and its orientation faces the peak of Mount Nilodingin. The location of the findings is limited to a river and a 2 meter wide moat, as quoted by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

According to local people, the ditch was found very deep and wide at the time. At the base and end there is a circular decoration (ring) in the middle of which is a gong shape. While in the middle of the stone there are ornaments in the form of 5 double circles.

In addition, there are also 6 reliefs of kangkang humans that flank a rectangular hole measuring 0.32 x 0.32 meters in which there is a round hole of 0.20 meters in diameter with a depth of 0.12 meters. On both sides of the human sculpture it is given a barrier in the form of 2 straight lines that extend parallel to the length of the stone. (SJ.IN/ENG*)

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