Statues Not Just A Display, Sometimes There Are Interesting Stories Behind It - When you are somewhere, whether it's sightseeing or sightseeing, there are lots of fun things you can see, including a number of statues and monuments. In fact, the statues are not just displays. Because, sometimes many interesting stories behind it.

Like monuments, many statues are made as markers of history in a destination, built to commemorate the events or services of someone who is very important in a place.

Some sculptures are so artistic or important religiously, that attracts many tourists to come. Some are so cool and famous, so it must be for tourists to come and take pictures with him.

The most common statue made by a person is a statue of a hero. In addition, many religious statues are also a tourist attraction. Statues of Jesus and Buddha in various parts of the world invite many tourists. Thailand for example, is famous for the Sleeping Buddha statue, even though Indonesia also has 5 of them.

Some of the statues in the world have become landmarks of cities and even countries, so famous. Seeing the statue of the Piss Mannequin the pee, immediately remembered Belgium. Seeing the statue of the Little Mermaid, immediately remembered Denmark. Imagine, a statue can be a symbol of the country's tourism.

Various countries are competing to make giant statues. The Statue of Liberty in New York is now nothing compared to dozens of gigantic statues scattered in the world. From the statue of the god to the statue of the emperor, everything is there.

Sculptures are also a seasoning for holiday trips because of their uniqueness. Juliet's statue in Italy is the target of singles because of the myth that covers it. Japan has superhero statues from comics and films. Whatever the purpose, this is a tourist attraction that really wants to attract tourists in various ways.

Therefore, when you explore a destination, don't miss the statue you met. Who knows, there is an interesting story behind it. Have a nice trip and have fun! (SBB.IN/ENG/SD)
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