The Uniqueness of Sikidang Crater Dieng Which Moved Places


Sikidang Crater, which is located west of the Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing complex, is a special attraction even though its location is in the cold highlands. - Being near the tourist attraction of Arjuna Temple makes Sikidang Crater located in the Dieng plateau is most visited by tourists. The crater arising from the activity of the Dieng volcano has its own uniqueness.

In contrast to the Ijen crater which has blue fire, a burst of hot steam and volcanic material Sikidang Crater at a certain time period moved from one place to another. Not surprisingly, this crater is named Sikidang which is taken from the name of the animal Kidang (Deer) who likes to jump from one place to another quickly.

Sikidang Crater which is located west of the Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing complex is a tourist attraction even though its location is on a cold plateau. Dieng Plateau is an active volcanic area in Central Java (Central Java), which is included in the Banjarnegara Regency and Wonosobo District.

Dieng has an average height of around 2,000 m above sea level. Temperatures range from 12-20 ° C in the daytime and 6-10 ° C at night. In the dry season between July and August, temperatures can reach 0 ° C in the morning and cause frost, which locals call bun upas ("poison dew") because it causes damage to agricultural crops.

Administratively, Dieng is an area of ​​Dieng Kulon Village, Batur Subdistrict, Banjarnegara and Dieng Regencies ("Dieng Wetan"), Kejajar District, Wonosobo Regency.

Well, for those of you who want to travel to see the natural charm and uniqueness of active volcanic craters in Indonesia, one of them is Sikidang Crater in Central Java. Because the crater here contains quite high sulfur, visitors are advised to wear a mask. (WS.IN/ENG/*)
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