Dual Arrow Icons, How to Whatsapp Hoax Message Detection


INDEPHEDIA.com - The rise of hoax has recently been found to be mostly done through social media, one of which is a chain message on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp as an application to send messages does not want to be misused by releasing its latest features as part of stopping the spread of hoax information.

Through the latest WhatsApp feature, users will be notified if a message has been forwarded many times. This feature is already available for the latest version of the application.

WhatsApp only labels the message that has been forwarded more than five times, but it is not revealed how many times the message has been forwarded. WhatsApp does that as a step to limit the spread of fake news from its platform.

With this feature the user can also continue to send messages or choose to stop. In essence, WhatsApp tries to tell users that the message can be part of a chain message.

The 'forward' message will use the double arrow icon, in contrast to the single arrow icon seen in normal forwarded messages. Notifications will only appear if forwarded more than five times.

This chain of notification message that we receive also functions not only in text, but also in pictures and videos. However, the number of times the message has been forwarded will remain encrypted. (SBB.IN/NG/*)

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