Instantly Turn on The Air Conditioner in The Hot Air Cabin, Be Alert! This is The Danger - Extreme weather with intense heat often occurs, especially during the summer. Afternoon with the blazing sun makes the temperature hot. No exception in the cabin of a car that was sunk outside the room. Want to immediately turn on the AC.

But unfortunately, if we refer to the impact, if we just turn on the air conditioner directly in hot temperatures in the cabin of the car can be not good. Not because of technical problems. This is precisely related to health in the future.

As citing the Daihatsu page, the moment we enter the hot air car, the first step before turning on the air conditioner is to open all the windows. After that, turn on the air conditioner. Cars can be invited to walk some time before the window glass closed again. The goal is that the hot air that was originally in the cabin changed to new air.

New air replacing hot air is also useful to relieve the work of the AC system. But new air prevents long-term adverse effects for our health. Cabin hot air is a carcinogen, a cancer-causing poison.

Hot Air in The Cabin Can Cause Cancer

A study of solar radiation that causes chemical reactions between plastic materials, air freshener, upholstery and other materials in the cabin with hot air. The reaction produces new substances, one of which is Benzene, a cancer-causing toxin (carcinogen).

Benzene can poison our body's bones, cause anemia and decrease the number of white blood cells. If we often inhale it in a period of time, can cause leukemia. Benzene also affects the kidneys and liver. And it is very difficult for the body to eradicate these poisons.

Benzene can also cause miscarriages for pregnant women. The level of benzene in the room that humans can tolerate is 50mg / ft2. A car parked in a room with closed windows will produce 400-800 mg of benzene.

But if the car is parked outside the room directly exposed to sunlight at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius, the level of benzene can go up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the level of benzene that can be tolerated!

How to Avoid Hot Cabin and Car Parking Tips

There are a few tips to avoid the bad effects of a hot cabin. First, before turning on the car air conditioner, make it a habit to always open the car windows and doors for a few moments so that toxic air can be wasted out of the cabin. At least about 5 minutes.

Second, if the parking environment is safe, slightly opening the windshield when parking can be a way to reduce cabin heat. Third, if possible look for a shady parking spot and not exposed to direct sunlight. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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