Easy Ways to Prevent Heat and Cool The Car Cabin


INDEPHEDIA.com - After being left for a long time parked in the scorching hot sun, almost no driver or passenger is resistant to the heat in the car cabin.

If you have faced such conditions, there are actually several ways you can do to prevent heat in the cabin of the car, namely use air circulation, leave the window slightly open and use a sun visor.

Leave The Window Slightly Open

The first way you can do to lower the air temperature in the car is to leave the window slightly open if the environmental conditions in the parking lot are considered safe from crime.

This method will help the air in the car stay well circulated. Hot air will flow towards the top of the glass so that the air temperature remains the same as outside conditions.

Before leaving the car, open the car window a little. The function of opening the window is to open the ventilation so that the air flow can be smoother. To be safe, just open 1-2 cm wide so as not to be used by irresponsible people.

Take Advantage of Air Circulation

The second way is by utilizing air circulation in the car. This method can easily reduce the temperature in the car as quickly as possible. This method only requires a cabin or air conditioning system and car windows.

Open all windows in your car. This step is useful for removing hot air from the car. Then turn on your air conditioner, if there is a fresh air mode (usually marked with a picture of the car cabin with an arrow going into the car image) is highly recommended. This will help you expel hot air with cooler air.

Wait a while until the air in the car cools a little. Usually 1-2 minutes is enough. Then close all the windows and return the air conditioner to the recirculate position (marked the cabin of the car with a circular arrow).

Use The Sun Shield

The third way, use the sun's barrier. But, use a lightweight and easily disassembled. Maybe its function can only protect the windshield or the back, but it's certainly better than nothing. Thus, even the steering wheel and transmission knob can stay cool.

Before leaving the car, attach the car sun visor. Install the whole sun visor from the bottom to the top. Make sure there are as few gaps as the sun can pass. Flatten the installation of sun visor evenly from the dashboard to the top. Use a sun visor to hold the sun visor to prevent it from falling. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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