Feel Fat and Want to Be Thin? Don't Do This at Night


INDEPHEDIA.com - A study says that fat in the stomach has a relationship with cortisol, a hormone released by the body when experiencing stress.

High cortisol levels can increase levels of fat in the stomach, as a result we also experience obesity. But calm, you can reduce the level of cortisol by doing this, as reported by Feed.

1. Reduce excessive work

New research shows that someone who works more than 48 hours a week is likely to experience severe stress and trigger alcohol consumption.

Alcohol consumption increases cortisol and can briefly cause an increase in abdominal fat. For this reason, it is better to reduce working hours and avoid alcohol.

2. Avoid Consumption of Night Caffeine

Caffeine can double the level of cortisol, especially if consumed at night which results in disruption of a person's sleep quality.

In fact, adequate sleep is very important to reduce cortisol levels. Therefore avoid caffeine at night can be a powerful way to overcome the problem of fat in the stomach.

3. Avoid Making Contact with Technology

A recent Canadian study found that those who were in constant contact with technology during the day had a tendency to experience higher stress than those who took time to rest.

Having severe stress is synonymous with more fat in the stomach. So, if you want to reduce fat in the stomach, multiply rest and stay away from your technological device. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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