When Weight Loss Drastically Declines, Be Careful of Serious Diseases


INDEPHEDIA.com - Everyone wants to have a healthy body and a balanced weight. However, some women also feel very happy when experiencing weight loss.

Unfortunately, weight loss does not always bring good news. Although the body is likely to become thinner, but drastic weight loss in the short term turns out to be worth watching out for.

Some studies say, drastic weight loss in a short period of time is usually associated with a particular disease. One problem with the thyroid gland.

Women's Health Magazine writes, there are two types of problems in this gland. First, hypothyroidism, which will slow down your system. So, weight will go up quickly.

Meanwhile, the opposite is hyperthyroidism, which makes the system in the body become very fast, so that body weight decreases dramatically.

So, if you lose weight too fast and drastically, don't be happy. Should check into the hospital. Because the two thyroid disorders if left unchecked will affect the work of other organs in the body, especially the heart. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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