Here Is The Way to Know Who's Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile - With many new features that are useful for users, WhatsApp continues to make updates. Users also have to update their applications to be able to enjoy the benefits of the latest features.

But apparently, there is one feature that hasn't been available for WhatsApp so far is the feature to see who has visited our profile. Indeed, until now the feature to see who has visited our profile is not yet available even though many users have requested it. Maybe later the feature will be added.

For those of you who might not be able to wait for the feature to be developed on WhatsApp, there are actually a number of methods you can use. You only need a lightweight application, called WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me application or by using the WhatsApp Viewer App.

WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me Application

If you use the WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me application, this application will work for the Android operating system version 2.3 and above, and to run it you have to turn on a data plan or use Wi-Fi.

The first step you have to install the WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me application. If during the installation process, the application asks you to install the 1Mobile Market application on your device, you only need to install the application as well. Then wait until the installation process is complete.

After the application is installed, run the application, and let the application scan all the contacts on your device, to see who has visited your WhatsApp profile. Once the scan is complete, the application will show a list of contacts who have visited your WhatsApp profile for the past 24 hours.

With this application, you will get very accurate results. However, because this application has not been fully tested, there may be some problems that result.

This method can not only be done with the WhatsApp-Who Viewed Me application, you can also use other applications that have similar uses, one of which is the WhatsApp Viewer App.

WhatsApp Viewer App Application

To get the WhatsApp Viewer App, install this application on your Android Smartphone. After the WhatsApp Viewer App is installed, open the application and give permission for all permissions requested by it.

After the application is given permission to access contacts, it will bring up a list of contacts who have visited your WhatsApp profile, within the past 24 hours. Easy right? May be useful. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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