How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Without Chemicals - The growth of gray hair may be a sign if the body begins to experience aging. If the appearance of gray hair with age, to overcome it certainly does not exist, except with hair dye. Over time or when gray hair lengthens again visible.

As we get older, it doesn't mean we have to stop hair care. Although after all the hair still needs treatment, especially for the health of the scalp itself.

If the problem of gray hair due to age is still reasonable. But the appearance of gray hair will become a problem if we experience it at a fairly young age. In fact, now not a few of them who are still in school already have gray hair in their hair.

Gray hair can attack anyone, even you who are still at a young age. The causes of gray hair are very diverse and by knowing the cause we can find effective ways to remove gray hair.

Gray hair can also happen to anyone, regardless of gender. But usually, gray hair occurs after our age over the 40s. The appearance of gray hair is the main cause is the hair begins to lose its ability, especially to produce color pigments or melanin in hair follicles.

Make a Potion to Eliminate Uban in Natural Way

There are many ways to overcome and eliminate gray hair, from using coconut oil, using vitamin B12 or certain herbs. One of these natural remedies is believed to prevent gray hair early on. This concoction turned out to be effective in turning the gray hair back, turning black naturally. So that makes the hair can produce dyes, using natural ingredients that are around us.

The ingredients you have to prepare are: honey, three cloves of garlic, four lemons (peeled), and 200 milliliters of flaxseed oil.

The trick: cut the lemon and garlic into small slices, then mash. Next, add enough honey and flaxseed oil. Mix until even or the mixture becomes homogeneous.

Tips for using it: Take one tablespoon of the mixture and consume it twice a day, before eating. Do it until the potion runs out or until the hair turns black again.

Other natural remedies for removing gray hair are: Mix 1 liter of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of yeast. Consumption of the mixture in small portions before meals. In addition, you can massage the scalp with butter from cow's milk twice a week. Repeat this procedure for the next 2-3 months.

Using the method above certainly does not always work for everyone. Moreover, the characteristics of hair are different, from one person to another. In addition, consider also the nutrients needed by the body and hair are sufficient, such as iron. The presence of iron is very important, because it will help the blood to flow nutrients throughout the body.

Do not forget to wash your hair with clean water, there are even some who often use warm water. Warm water is believed to make blood vessels in the head smooth. So that nutrition is supplied properly. (SBB/IN/ENG/*)

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