How to Treat Natural Hair Loss Without Side Effects - Today there are many natural hair loss remedies that we have ever read in cyberspace, ranging from using oils, aloe vera to onions. There are some who succeed in reducing hair loss, and many are not.

The success of dealing with and treating hair loss sometimes depends on whether or not the drugs used are suitable. However, it never hurts if you try it, who knows there is a match. Following summarizes 9 natural ways to deal with hair loss and natural hair loss remedies:

1. Aloe Vera
The benefits and efficacy of aloe vera are undoubtedly good for body health, beauty care and also hair. Use fresh aloe, peel and apply the inside to the hair and scalp.

2. Olive Oil
This oil is quite popular in the Middle East, especially for diet programs. In addition, olive oil is also effective for growing hair. The trick is to gently massage the scalp with olive oil, let a few moments then rinse.

3. Candlenut Oil
In Indonesia hazelnut oil is usually used to accelerate the growth of mustaches and beards. And it turns out, this oil can also be a bald hair remedy. The method is the same as above, apply, massage and rinse thoroughly.

4. Urang-aring oil

This one oil has long been used for generations to make black hair, shiny and strong. The trick is to scramble soak in water and then knead. This extracted water is then used to wash every day.

5. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil here is not used for frying, but virgin coconut oil or known as VCO. This VCO is coconut oil taken from the coconut milk squeeze process and without frying.

We can use this coconut oil by rubbing it on the scalp, and repeating it every day. And VCO has been opened for generations to overcome various hair problems.

6. Peppermint Oil
This essential oil can make the thickness of the scalp increase, which ends make the hair follicles increase. So it is widely used to overcome the problem of hair loss. It's easy enough, just apply peppermint oil to the scalp. Do it several times a week.

7. Jojoba Oil

This hair loss remedy is quite popular, and it has been proven. The method is enough to use on the hair as a whole and also the scalp. The growth of new hair can be accelerated.

8. Green Tea
Hair loss medication that is no less popular is green tea, especially one that has been left for one night. The trick is brewing green tea, leave it overnight. Then this green tea water is used for shampooing.

9. Shallots
Although the smell of the herbs is quite strong, it can overcome hair loss. The trick is sliced ​​shallots and mash. Then apply to the scalp and leave for several minutes. Then rinse. If you don't like the scent, use a conditioner.

Thus the ways to grow hair loss naturally. If the hair loss medication found by scientists is still relatively expensive, you can do one of them. Good luck. (SBB/IN/ENG/*)
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