A Healthy Diet Without Feeling Tortured from a Fat Body


INDEPHEDIA.com - Having an overweight body becomes a frightening specter for many people, especially for women. Because the bad effects of excessive weight greatly affect the appearance so that it looks disproportionate.

Not only that, someone who is overweight, health can sometimes be disturbed because it will have a negative impact on the organs of the body. Below are a few simple tips so you can go on a healthy diet without feeling "tormented" from a fat body.

Reduce Oily Foods

You might have a hobby of consuming foods such as fried tempeh, fried tofu, or other types that contain oil. Actually, the prohibition not to consume fried foods is not absolute, but eat only with reasonable portions.

Discarding the oil content in these foods by wrapping with tissue until the oil is absorbed out becomes one of the tricks.

If you cook the food yourself, use cooking oil with low cholesterol levels. Be wise when buying cooking oil on the market so that your diet efforts can be carried out properly and in balance.

Reduce Soft Drinks

The current lifestyle makes people behave in changing foods and drinks, one of which is soft drinks. Soft drinks that have a high content of "soda" have high calories but lowustration. It can cause weight gain if consumed continuously for a long time.

Drinking water

Water has many functions, especially for the human body. This liquid substance with no taste and no aroma will help smooth the body's metabolism. It is very helpful for those of you who really want to lose or maintain ideal body weight.

Consumption of Fruits

Food fruits produced by nature which have low calorie and fat content and high fiber content. If you are on a diet, please consume fruits regularly to help you lose weight.

Fruits that are good for you to consume in order to succeed in a diet program are bananas, oranges, apples, kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple. You can try the cute acai berry which is famous for helping to streamline the waist.

Use the correct sleep time

You might feel awkward how come lack of sleep can cause obesity, instead of making you thin? Don't be mistaken. Someone who lacks sleep due to a lot of activity or stress will sometimes have a high desire to eat and drink.

Moreover, for someone whose activities are less, will consume more food which on average contains a lot of fat. It was proven scientifically or medically that people who sleep less then the appetite suppressing hormone will decrease. Along with that there is also an increase in appetite-triggering hormones.

Therefore, adjust your sleep time well so that there is a balance of healthy lifestyles so that weight can be controlled at the ideal size. In addition, with good sleep patterns, you can improve brainpower.

Control The Stress Factor

Excessive stress is one of the causes of obesity. That's because it was triggered by an increasing desire to eat continuously. That behavior is experienced by many people so that they cannot control any type of food consumed.

Indeed, the causes of stress from one person to another are different, but in general you can control it by doing positive and creative things as an alternative to getting solutions to existing problems.

Diligent in Sports

This method is very common and can actually be done by anyone. Regular exercise without having to take a lot of time is not only beneficial for maintaining a healthy body, but also for losing and maintaining weight at an ideal size.

Performing body movements as a whole will burn a lot of calories so that the collected fat will be easily lost. Even if you belong to a category that has a high activity, you should still take the time to exercise so that the body is healthy, weight controlled, and the mind is clear. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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