Myth Or Fact? Eating Ice Cream Can Make Your Body Fat - The cold and creamy taste of ice cream is certainly very appetizing. No wonder if ice cream is liked by adults to children.

In general, ice cream is cold and refreshing. Usually, ice cream contains some protein, calcium, and a large amount of fat and sugar, with an insignificant amount of calories.

Just a myth or a fact?

Myth or fact if eating ice cream isa body fat fat? One study states, ice cream is one of the foods that can make you gain weight if consumed too much. Most of these calories come from added sugar and high fat content.

Eating foods that are high in sugar and fat regularly can cause weight gain. Many people want to continue to consume sugar which ultimately makes it difficult for them to stick to a healthy diet.

If you give up eating sweet foods and are tempted to eat ice cream at night to satisfy your desires, fat accumulation is likely to be the result.

When you want to eat ice cream choose one that is low fat, fat free, or sugar free, which will help satisfy your craving for something sweet, but with fewer calories.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Denmark, found that calcium in ice cream may have a slimming effect because it binds to fatty acids in the digestive tract. This results in a decrease in fat absorption which can cause weight loss over time. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)
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