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INDEPHEDIA.com - Since the popularity of social media, the promotion of a product or service is now more advanced and easy to do. Through social media, business promotion is no longer done through radio, television or print media. In the digital age, popular online media platforms are used to promote a business.

The presence of social media and online media that is supported by the power of the internet today has the potential to support the success of the promotion of a business or product easily, quickly and cheaply, even without any capital at all.

With various various internet tools available, such as websites, blogs, social media and their global, real-time and practical nature, your promotional activities will be maximized because of their wide and almost unlimited reach.

Here are some solid and popular online and social media that are used as reliable promotional media for your business.

1. Facebook
Facebook is still the choice of many people to establish communication with colleagues and family. Their existence is one of the reasons why Facebook is a social media that is widely used as an online promotional media in addition to business sites.

The use of Facebook as a promotional medium was recognized relatively easily by online business players. In fact, not a few of the business people who already have a physical store also use Facebook as a product promotion media.

Not infrequently also a successful business stems from introducing their products through Facebook. How, make sure your Facebook main page attracts consumers because this will be an attraction that makes potential customers like.

Like this is the second step that you should get as much as possible. Do not forget, to recognize the target customer, that is by looking for people who have an interest in your Facebook page. Finally, focus on creating interesting content.

2. Instagram
This social media is now being the belle of online business media. Apart from being able to show photos of products as well because of the caption that can be written longer than Twitter.

In addition, Instagram is also easily accessible from smartphones and is currently the social media booster of the highest existence among young people. This is an opportunity for you to easily promote products and businesses because prospective customers gather more on social media.

Hashtags are one of the great promotional forces if you use Instagram as a business medium. In addition, actively interacting with customers is also one of the tricks that can make customers pay more attention to your business.

3. Twitter
Besides Facebook, Twitter has also become one of the most popular online social media as online business media. Although initially only designed to be able to a variety of well-known statuses with a maximum of 160 characters, Twitter is now able to be a powerful enough media to market the product.

This media is considered easy to reach by any online store customer because with a smartphone, people can easily access this one microweb.

Some ways to maximize the promotion and marketing of products through Twitter is to increase the number of followers, send tweets regularly, promote the site regularly, determine the time to post tweets, hire buzzers to increase promotion, or by mutual promotion of other online business Twitter accounts.

4. Kaskus
This social media has no doubt about its ability to promote products. Kaskus is known as a market place that is widely used for selling and is considered the most effective social media for doing business, especially with the presence of the Buy and Sell Forum.

5. Market Place
In addition to using social media, you can also use marketplace sites, such as Bukalapak, OLX, Tokobagus, Elevenia, and others. This marketplace is very helpful for online business people to have their own shop pages and do their promo and marketing activities.

Not infrequently, business owners who already have physical stores make their shop pages in various marketplaces to expand the network and get more customers.

6. Blog
This one media does have similarities with the website at a glance, but the use of blogs is only limited to support promotional efforts. How, by loading various articles about businesses and products of online stores, even if you want to load the latest news about your online store and show the achievements that have been achieved. To further optimize its users, many of the online businesses that use blogs also use SEO techniques to attract more customers.

7. Email Marketing
Email marketing is considered an old-fashioned method among other online media but don't underestimate the power of this one media. Email marketing is known to have considerable power to do online promotions because this is a great source for sending promotional news to the latest product offers to customers.

8. YouTube
The broadcast website that was founded in 2005 has become a medium for many people to express themselves through video. YouTube is a website that is currently in great demand by many people of all classes, ages and genders. Because promoting a business on YouTube is a mandatory part of a business promotion plan.

The main step if you want to promote business on YouTube is to upload videos through a personal account then choose the right category for the type of business to be promoted, the video title must be interesting and contain many keywords that are widely used by people to increase the likelihood of appearing on the first page on YouTube when search results videos related to keywords come out.

9. Path
Path was originally known as exclusive social media due to the limited number of friends that can be added to this account. Even so, that does not mean this account can not be used as media promotion and online marketing.

Dailybeautyhouse is one of the businesses that complements their promotion by using Path. It can be said that Path is a private form of Facebook and Twitter, but that does not mean that social media on this one cannot give you the opportunity to expand networks and markets. (SBB.IN/ENG/*)

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